Dolphin Watching with Hatteras Cruises

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If you really want to get the full OBX experience, you and your family should head out to sea on one of our Hatteras cruises or traditional Outer Banks dolphin watching cruises. The captain and his mates know the Atlantic Ocean has so much natural beauty to offer, and they would love to take you on an adventurous tour. Our ocean plays host to local reefs and sandbars where playful pods of dolphins often like to take a swim and show off for humans.

Dolphin Fun Facts:

  • There are nearly 40 different species of dolphin.
  • Dolphins are carnivores, so they love to eat squid and fish.
  • The Ancient Greeks considered them a good omen.
  • Dolphins love to play, ride waves, and perform acrobats as they launch out of the water.
  • They communicate through whistles and clicks using their nasal air sacs.

dolphin cruises Cape HatterasEnjoyable and Educational!!

We guarantee that both adults and children will be amazed by the beauty of our landscape, and what better way to see it than from the spacious deck of the Miss Hatteras. You can pack a picnic basket to enjoy during our Hatteras day cruises, and the children are sure to learn a thing or two about our Outer Banks native wildlife.

And don’t forget that the Miss Hatteras and Cap’n Clam are always available for Outer Banks Deep-Sea Fishing charters. We offer full-day and half-day OBX fishing. Either way, you will surely enjoy what the great Atlantic Ocean has to offer in fishing and in beauty.