Questions About Fishing in the Outer Banks on Our Head Boats

What do I need to bring with me when we go fishing?

We’ll provide all the gear you need for fishing, like fishing poles, bait, buckets, ice, coolers to keep your fish in, etc. If you’d like to bring your own gear for the day, that’s fine by us, but we’ll have enough gear on board to accommodate everyone regardless.

But, you should pack a bag for yourself for the day on the water. We usually recommend people bring some food and drinks in a small cooler for themselves. We also recommend you bring some sunscreen, a hat, either a sweatshirt or a long-sleeve shirt for the mornings or if the sun starts getting too intense, sunglasses, and a camera to show everyone you caught a ton of fish!

Since we’re on the water, there’s a chance you and your stuff could get wet. We find folks either like to stash their coolers and bags in the cabin, or keep their belongings in water-resistant bags.

Do I need a license to go fishing?

Nope! We have you covered. The boat has an umbrella license that covers everyone on-board.

Are there any discounts available for fishing trips?

We do not have any discounts for our full-day offshore Gulf Stream fishing trips, but we do offer discounts for our half-day offshore fishing trips and half-day inshore fishing trips.

How much do your trips cost? When do you set sail?

For a full breakdown of what we offer, the pricing, and when we set sail, check out our Cap N Clam and Miss Hatteras Rates and Schedule page.

Are your fishing trips kid friendly?

Absolutely. In fact, all of our trips are kid friendly.

If this is your young one’s first time fishing, we usually wouldn’t recommend our full-day offshore fishing trip since we’re out to sea for so long. We would recommend either of our half-day fishing trips for younger kids since we’re only on the water for a few hours.

If you’re looking for a trip specifically for kids, you might want to check out our very popular Outer Banks pirate adventure cruise.

Will you guys clean the fish I catch?

While our staff won’t, the staff at Odon’s Dock will for a modest fee. We find that even the most experienced fisherman can’t clean filets as fast and efficiently as the staff back at the dock. Especially when it comes to trigger fish!

Where do you fish?

That’s going to depend on what trip you’re on. For our full-day offshore trips, we fish in the Gulf Stream, which is around 25 to 30 miles offshore. For our half-day offshore trips, we fish around 5-7 miles offshore. For both our offshore trips we fish off either rocky outcroppings or wrecks on the ocean floor. For our inshore trips we fish at a few secret spots around the Pamlico Sound, all of which are flat, sandy bottoms.

General Questions About Our Head Boats

Should I tip the mates?

This is entirely up to you. If you’ve had a great time, let our mates know it and give them a few bucks. A general rule of thumb is tipping mates on a boat is similar to tipping in a restaurant. Generally, 15% – 20% is considered a normal tip if you feel inclined to do so.

Are there any refreshments for sale aboard the Cap N Clam or Miss Hatteras?

Nope, so be sure you bring your own. If you forget, there’s a store at the dock that sells snacks and drinks which will is open in the morning, but your best bet is to pack a cooler ahead of time. To get a full rundown about what’s on-board check out our Outer Banks head boats page to learn more.

Can I bring alcohol on-board?

Absolutely! A lot of our customers enjoy a cold one while they swap fishing stories on the way back to the dock after a long day of fishing. Conversely, if you’re on-board for one of our scenic evening cruises, we can’t think of a better way to end the evening than watching a sunset over the water with your drink of choice in hand.

Do you have any bottle openers, cups, wine openers, etc. on board for our drinks?

We don’t have any cups on-board, but do have some bottle openers and wine openers for anyone who needs them. We ask that you bring your own, but we do have some to pass around if you need them.

Can I smoke on-board the boats?

Yes, you’re allowed to smoke on-board. But, you cannot smoke in the cabins.

Are there life vests on-board?

Absolutely. We take your safety seriously and we have enough life vests for adults and children. Additionally, our vessels are inspected annually by the US Coast Guard so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. You can learn more about our Outer Banks head boats by clicking that link.

Will I get seasick while on-board?

This is a hard question to answer as seasickness can happen to anyone, even those with years of experience being on the water. If you’re worried, we recommend a simple over the counter remedy, such as Dramamine or Bonine.

If you’re joining us for a day of inshore fishing, or taking one of our scenic cruises, then don’t worry, the chances of getting seasick in the Pamlico Sound are pretty slim. The sound is usually flat and calm, meaning smooth sailing. But, if you’re prone to seasickness, we’d recommend you take precautions just in case.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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