Ahoy matey! Are you ready for a pirate adventure in the Outer Banks?

Join our crusty captains and dastardly mates for a high seas adventure on our pirate cruise in the Outer Banks aboard the Cap N Clam head boat.

Avast, ye hearties! Are ye looking to flex yer sea legs and show off yer pirate skills aboard a real life pirate adventure cruise? Do ye have a few buccaneers who would enjoy hearing local pirate tales and taking part in an epic pirate battle?

Join us aboard the Cap N Clam head boat for an evening cruise on the high seas, learn some pirate lore about local legends, and engage in a real life pirate battle with the dreaded Miss Hatteras!

Just a word of warning to ye landlubbers, ye will get wet, so dress appropriately!

Sign on to the Cap N Clam to prove yer worth, hunt for fabled pirate booty, and fight off attacking privateers aboard a fun, family friendly pirate boat.

Outer Banks Pirate Adventure Cruise Pictures

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Here’s everything you need to know about our pirate adventure cruise.

Our pirate adventure cruises are fun and affordable for the whole family!

If you’re little scallywag is looking for an evening pirate adventure in the Outer Banks, look no further! It costs $26 per person, and kids 3 and under are free!

We cast off twice a week for an pirate lore and adventure!

We sail every Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please be at the dock a half hour before we leave.

On the cruise, we sail around the Pamlico Sound and tell pirate stories and local lore about famous pirates who frequented the Outer Banks such as the infamous Edward Teach, better known as Black Beard! After cruising around for a while, we get ‘attacked’ by the Miss Hatteras, meaning we engage in a water fight with hoses and squirt guns between the two ships, and head back to the dock after our fierce battle!

We find this adds an exciting finale to the cruise, and the kids love engaging in a fun, family friendly pirate battle! You will get wet, so please dress accordingly.

A good pirate never forgets their cutlass or pistol!

You don’t have to look the part to be a pirate, but it sure helps! We find that many kids and family members really enjoy getting into character by dressing up like a pirate!

We have eye-patches, plastic swords, squirt guns, and temporary tattoos for all who board! We find that kids who have been on the cruise a few times really enjoy bringing their own arsenal of swords, squirt guns, and pirate garb for the ride.

Feel free to bring any squirt guns you already have, big or small! You don’t need to bring anything, but any pirate gear you bring is a plus!

Don’t forget your provisions either!

Bear in mind we don’t offer any refreshments on-board, so you might want to pack some snacks or a cooler. Our Frequently Asked Question page covers everything you need to know about coming aboard with us.

You will get wet on this trip, so dress accordingly, and pack accordingly as well. We recommend waterproof cameras or phone cases, or at the very least some sort of water-resistant bag to protect any electronics.

We offer various trips to fit into anyone’s schedule and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a half-day trip, want to take a scenic dolphin cruise in the evening, or are looking for something fun for the kids, we offer many different choices aboard our vessels. For the complete schedule of all our fishing trips and scenic cruises, check out our Cap N Clam and Miss Hatteras Rates and Schedule page.

We’d love to welcome you to our crew when we set sail on a pirate adventure cruise!

We’ve been in operation for over 30 years, operating our head boats in the Outer Banks year round, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. For more information about our services click here to contact us or give us a call at (252) 986-2365.

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